Quantitative Reasoning for College Science (QuaRCS) Study

Assessing Quantitative Reasoning in College Students

Our Study

The Quantitative Reasoning for College Science Assessment (QuaRCS) is a quantitative literacy assessment targeted towards college-level general education STEM courses. The study is currently open to all college instructors and their classes, with particular emphasis on non-major science courses.

The goal of this IRB-approved study is to understand quantitative reasoning in the undergraduate general education science student context. We are especially interested in the cognitive and affective factors that impact performance on QR skills. Our ultimate aim is to establish best practices in general education science teaching, especially as they relate to cognitive, affective, and skills-based barriers to entry to STEM fields.

For instructors, this assessment can be used to measure overall improvement of a specific class. Once students fill out the assessment, our team analyzes all data to include in our study and prepare a report for participating instructors. Click here to learn more about our process and see an example of the confidential class reports.

What is quantitative literacy? How did you develop this assessment?

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